The Advantages and Disadvantages of Assertive Communication

Written By: admin - Jan• 12•08

The Advantages of Assertive Communication

There are many advantages of assertive communication, most notably these:

-It helps us feel good about ourselves and others

-It leads to the development of mutual respect with others

-It increases our self-esteem

-It helps us achieve our goals

-It minimises hurting and alienating other people

-It reduces anxiety

-It protects us from being taken advantage of by others

-It enables us to make decisions and free choices in life

-It enables us to express, both verbally and non-verbally, a wide range of feelings and thoughts, both positive and negative
There are, of course, disadvantages…

Disadvantages of assertive communication

Others may not approve of this style of communication, or may not approve of the views you express. Also, having a healthy regard for another person’s rights means that you won’t always get what YOU want. You may also find out that you were wrong about a viewpoint that you held. But most importantly, as mentioned earlier, it involves the risk that others may not understand and therefore not accept this style of communication.

Taken from Assertive communication- 6 Tips for Effective Use
by Lee Hopkins

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